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  • JAccelerator
  •  JAccelerator has unique capability to cache any modules and components with their individual time of existence in cache.
    Due to such mode of operation, the web page is built using blocks (components and modules) and we individually decide if they should be regenerated or retrieved from cache.

    How it works:
    - During the first retrieval of the page (with GET method) page display time is as fast as without installed component. During this activity the system saves all the information about the modules and components.
    - During the second display of the page the system checks if certain module or component already exists in cache.
    - If it exists, the system displays it from cache without regeneration.
    - When the user is logged in, the system automatically erases data from cache no matter the time of their existence in cache is finished or not; that is why the changes are instantly visible and re-saved in cache.

    These are some of capabilities of the JAccelerator component:
    - very simple configuration;
    - very simple installation;
    - no need of any change in joomla core files;
    - support for sessions and multilanguage;
    - automatic self-clearing function;
    - possibility of counting the page visits and banner displays (due to individual caching of components and modules);
    - GZip compression support;
    - changes of templates without cache emptying;

    The component has been tested with Joomla v. 1.0.11 and 1.0.12. It should also work with previous versions (from 1.0.3).
The Mission
Some time ago I discovered the beauty of freeware such as Mambo and (a bit later) Joomla. At the beginning I was just a mere user, but now I'm trying to create my own modules and components for those portals. This site is obviously made with CMS Joomla and it's purpose is to share my work with the world, according to great GNU/GPL ideals. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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